African Fashion On Trend At The Video Music Awards

485463_887482166647_774589695_nBrooklyn, New York-  Last night the MTV Video Music Awards was filled with big name celebrities rocking big name designers but the biggest fashion trend on the red carpet seemed to be  the gorgeous slit.

Be it thigh high or modest, Selena Gomez, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding are just a few stars that playfully taunted the VMA audience by providing a bit of leg action.

African Fashion Week, which was hosted also in New York, a commonality between the two events (may we emphasize); hosted African designers whose  fashions;  self-titled collection by Farai Simoyi and  Kayla Kay Collection by  Catherine Addai were providentially on point! These ladies’ collections displayed pieces right on trend!


We’d love to see empowered female celebrities like  Osas Ighodaro, Selena Gomez, Rita Ora, and Ellie Goulding  wearing more of these saucy fashions however dipping into our African Fashion closet.





Kaela Kay is a fashion house of creative and eclectic clothing with strong roots in beautiful African prints and textiles. Kaela Kay’s success is due in part to the unique and ultramodern coupling of style and prints, attention to intricate detail, and signature features.The premise is simple: turn African fabrics into avant-garde, classy and chic silhouettes and bring a fresh perspective to traditional African clothing. The grass roots of Kaela Kay’s longevity are to offer a powerhouse of style without definition and to keep all the clothes modern with a touch of culture.

Started in January 2012 in Toronto, Kaela Kay is quickly gaining a name in the fashion industry.  Because of the non-traditional styles and prints Kaela Kay offers and the impeccable detailing incorporated into each garment, Kaela Kay pieces are increasingly becoming staple items in the closets of Kaela Kay Women everywhere.


Designed for no particular woman, but created for all women.  The Kaela Kay Woman likes to stand out in a crowed; she is refined yet bold; she is feminine yet strong; she walks tall with her shoulders back and knows what she wants in life; she is elegant and always looks fabulously beautiful; and her style is totally, unconventionally, modern.


Catherine Addai is the designer and Creative Director behind Kaela Kay.  Catherine Addai lives on creativity and staying true to her roots.  Her motto is “wear you”, and she strives to make each garment a piece that she herself would wear; this ensures her personal style is always represented in her clothing line. A wife and mother herself, she embodies the true representation of the Kaela Kay Woman.

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The women of  Cinnamon Pearl are confident in their personal style and are certain that they are  most important element of a well-executed look. So our only aim at Cinnamon & Pearl is to provide special pieces that accentuate the uniqueness in every CP woman; her confidence, elegance and impeccable taste.

Cinnamon and Pearl specializes in combining fashion-forward pieces with that extra special touch. The Cinnamon woman is spicy, bold and daring, while the Pearl girl is romantic, flirty and exciting. Whether you’re Cinnamon, Pearl, or a little bit of both, there’s always something perfect for you.


Ugonna Ibe was born in Washington, D.C.  The daughter of Nigerian immigrants, she began her primary education in Lagos, Nigeria before moving with her family to North London, England where she completed her primary and secondary education.  As a child, her interest in fashion was first sparked by watching her mom develop a clothing line for which she created her own custom prints.  With Ibe’s love for fashion already developing, her artistic interests spread to sketching and painting using acrylic and oil.  Her exposure to the trends and cultural elements of three different continents gave her unique insight on the looks that women prefer; her garments are effortless and made to compliment the CP woman.  Despite a background in textiles, art, and design technology, Ibe chose to pursue a rigorous academic path in her higher education.  After completing her secondary education, Ibe returned to the states where she attended the University of Texas at San Antonio and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  She went on to complete a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development at Harvard University.  After a near-fatal accident in 2010, Ibe made the decision to rediscover the things that truly make her happy:  philanthropy and art.  In 2011, she began her fashion journey with a keen eye for the right fit, a desire for quality fabrics, and a paintbrush to translate her imagination to canvas.  Her tumblr blog, has given fashion gurus and casual fashion lovers alike, behind-the-scenes access to the process of building her company and pursuing a lifelong passion.  As a philanthropist, Ibe is committed to the empowerment of women and youth. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and also serves as the International Program Coordinator and liaison for the Development Initiative for African Women,(, which enables her to continue her work in Sustainable Development.

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Farai Simoyi was born in London, England, the child of Zimbabwean parents. She lived in Harare, Zimbabwe, where she got her first taste of textiles and fashion, from her aunt’s lingerie

company at age five.  Her aunt would give her scraps of fabric, which Farai would sew together by hand to make clothes for both her and her dolls.  And, thus, her passion for fashion was born.   Leaving Zimbabwe as a 10 year old, Farai headed to Morgantown, West Virginia with her family, where she eventually attended West Virginia University.  There she studied Fashion & Design and started to hone the skills she began learning as a child in Africa.  After graduation, Farai spent a summer furthering her knowledge, studying at Nuovo Accademia Di Belle Arti in Milan, Italy.


After her summer in Italy, Farai moved to New York City, where she hoped to be able to combine the knowledge and styles gained from her experiences in Zimbabwe, West Virginia, and Italy.  Starting as an assistant, Farai accepted her role as one of support, but knew it was a role she would soon grow out of.  Indeed, she was quickly promoted to technical designer, where she was exposed to the cut-throat technical underside of fashion, coming to appreciate that there is a science to the art.  Struggling to find a balance between working for a large brand and working on projects of her own, Farai was also featured on a television show, TLC’s “I’ve Got Nothing to wear!”  In addition, Farai was invited to participate in, “Style Wars,” a style competition that presents young designers and their Avant Garde designs to the public.

With her dues paid in the technical fashion circle, Farai was able to break into the forefront and was hired as a designer for a major denim company.  Seeing her designs worn by the masses on the streets of New York only further galvanized her drive to bring her vision to the public through her own line.     Farai Simoyi debuted her Spring/Summer 2011 collection at NYC Fashion Week in September 2010. Calling her new brand ‘FARAI’ a representation of Soft/Steel/Bohemian”, it is a symbiotic juxtaposition of the styles and experiences gained in Africa, Appalachia, Europe and the streets of NYC: woman, warrior, wayward traveler.

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