Spanish Brand Camper Works With African Artisans To Create Footwear made in Ethiopia

Spanish Brand, Camper, for their Spring/Summer 2017 collection partnered with Ethical Fashion Initiative. Here is a look at the collection:




Camper’s second collaboration with the initiative launched a limited-edition collection produced solely in Ethiopia featuring unisex lace-up shoes and sandals. The new collection designs “fuse together African aesthetics with urban elements.”

The collection features handmade tie-dyed leather and wedge soles of layered leather and white EVA inspired from East Africa, with color options ranging from dark indigo for men and bright blue for women. This project helps by empowering small producers in developing countries, and matching them with global fashion brands.


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Through its collaboration with Camper, the Ethical Fashion Initiative provided numerous jobs opportunities while improving the local artisans’ skills and knowledge.  To emphasize the talent available in the continent, the entire collection was done in Africa; mainly in Ethiopia, which is famous for its leather. The collection is breathable, durable, and flexible while contributing minimal carbon footprint to the environment.

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