Africa: The Place of Production, Diversity, Future and Fashion

Africa. Often called the mother land. Many have seen but many do not believe. The image of Africa that is seen worldwide is sometimes false. There are problems but blessings as in any nation. The fashion industry for one has embraced African culture, women, men and everything else that Africa provides to their world. Many have labelled Africa as the future and we can say it is. African Fashion has been growing and continues to do so — flourishing and taking fashion to a new height. Designers such as AFWNY 2012’s very own Francis Hendy, HennaFlower and many more have graced the runway of Africa Fashion Week, showing skills and masterpieces that the world has been dying to get their hands on.

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Design by Kibonen NY

Read Vogue Italia: The Promise of Africa article on designers, editors, creative directors and others who have seen the future of African fashion, African production and work ethic and incorporated it into their lines, shows and editorials. These designers, producers, and business men and women have created jobs in Africa for the native models, designers and workers, not only incorporating their sense of style and expertise but giving back to Africa as it was never done before. Including all black models into fashion shows, working straight out of Africa on a fashion line instead of including a middle man, and causing controversy by addressing something that was never addressed. We commend these individuals in their endeavors to bring light on Africa and its power in society.

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