Adiree Launches ‘A Drop’ of Bath and Body Oils Promoting Culturally Infused Self Care Where Aromatherapy Meets Life & Style:

A Drop a bath and body oil was launched by (and can be found on); a lifestyle and multi-media e-commerce platform, whose ethos is: “Made For Life,” and features brands influenced by culture and heritage.

To mark the company’s foray into the beauty and self-care industry, Adiree launches A Drop, a line of aromatherapeutic lifestyle essentials for relaxing, nurturing, and enriching your mind, body, and soul.

A drop is a bath and body oil made for the health-conscious person who wants a natural easy and breezy way of cultivating a healthy skin care regimen while living their best life. The E-commerce Founder, Sade Adiat Disu stated:

“I’m used to concocting healthy natural beauty products, especially those taught to me by West African mother and then her mother, however, I had friends who wanted my recipes yet were tired of feeling like chemists and trying to figure out how much of what to use.”

Adiat further explains

“I gave birth to A Drop to promote simple- living, self-care centric products that are dual purpose and pure.”

The premiere of A drop features its first product: a mixture of essential oils to enhance relaxation, moisturize skin, and uplift mood.

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Adiree sources A Drop ingredients from India, Bulgaria, Egypt, and Morocco which is in line with  Adiree Company and the commitment to creating cross-cultural platforms and retail/ marketing opportunities for multicultural-minded individuals to experience diversity (example: Africa Fashion Week and it’s local peripherals in AFW New York etc), ,

“As part of our authentic living campaign we wanted to cultivate a product that encourages humans to live their best lives, experience culture in the most relaxing and healing way. You can add A Drop of our product to any of your skincare or self-care regimen (head to toe routine)… you’re welcome” – Sade Adiat Disu

Shop Adiree is an e-commerce company, the ultimate guide for —discovering cultures through life + style.

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