Gambia’s Creatives : A Game Changer in Fashion?

New York, NY September 10, 2016 — Gambian born, Nay Secka, Founder of Tegaa premiered and sold her collection at the launch of the Adiree concept store in SOHO, 104 Charlton Street (between Hudson Street and Greenwich Street). The concept store took place during New York Fashion Week on Saturday September 10th, as a part of a New York Fashion Week [Africa] activation called Trunk Collectives (
Trunk Collectives is a platform hosting multicultural and ethical brands to present, sell and build brands capacity. The platform is designed to help expand the popularity of vendors as well as to advocate diversity through a contemporary series of sales events and concept stores.
This year’s platform was sponsored by Aveda and New York Surgical Arts and featured designers from shop Adiree and premium vendors such as Sareptha Rose by Robin S, Tegaa, and Shangani Fashions.
Gambia’s very own Nay Secka has set a platform in bringing traditional to present day. Through her brand, Tegaa, she presents a collection of luxury, ethical jewelry and accessories that are all handmade and passed down for generations. The products and designs from this line are unique as well as rare, but Nay has made it possible for them to be accessible to the public.
The United Nations says that Gambia is the smallest country in Africa, but Tegaa is an exquisite example of what Gambia has to offer everyone. The designs from the collection offer different pieces that are handmade by indigenous tribes of artisans located in Gambia. These handcrafted designs show a part of traditional Gambia through their colors and style, they show the culture of Gambia in every way. Nay Secka believes that by bringing these pieces to the public, she can demonstrate Gambia to the world… Read the full press release of Tegaa at Trunk Collectives.
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Africa Fashion Week

A social enterprise: a platform for trade, marketing and development of multicultural brands inspired by Africa through ethical practices and fashion. Made from the need to bridge the gap, connect continents, and provide a platform for international retailers and designers worldwide.

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