Fashionable Lizards Unleashed in New York : Designer Agama Label Brings Its Prestigious Style to Africa Fashion Week NY



New York, NY-June 4 2012- Agama Label will showcase Friday, July 13th at Africa Fashion Week New York. AFWNY, a luxury multi-day event produced by Adirée, will take place at the Broad Street Ballroom on July 12th, 13th, 14th in New York City’s financial District.

Agama Label is a brand name created to provide people with a unique sense of style and comfort but also reflect class and prestige. Uzo and Emeka Menakaya, two brothers who were born and raised in Nigeria, founded the brand in 2006 when their vision came across: a fashion line that promotes self-confidence, growth, self-advancement, positive change and success in all aspects of life. The brand currently focuses on polo shirts but will carry jeans, tees, slacks, suits, dresses (executive line) and accessories.

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Agama Label is not just a prestigious clothing line, apparel or a brand name created to provide people with comfort and the best quality style clothing when worn, it is also an experience”. — Uzo and Emeka Menakaya

The label is named after the Agama Lizard; a species of Lizard that appears to be nodding its head- self reassuringly  and known to be a prideful primarily because of its beautiful colors and its ability to change them.

The Agama Label enables modern elites to rock their style comfortably and prestigiously.

AFWNY includes runway shows hosting 21+ designers from various countries in Africa and those of the African Diaspora, exhibitions, and industry networking events. Opening designers Francis Hendy, Korto Momolu, and designers Mafi, Attolle Collection, Geraldo Fashions and others will showcase.

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About Uzo and Emeka Menakaya:

Currently reside in the Dallas area, Uzo and Emeka Menakaya were both born and raised in Nigeria. The brand is based on a shared vision to bring confidence into clothing lines, and lives.

About Adirée: 

Adirée, based in NYC, NY, focuses on event production, organization, and consulting for small to medium size clients in the areas of international Fashion, Beauty, Home Décor.

For More Information Contact:

Adirée │Public Relations

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