African Jewelry Designers Dressing the Royals

Every successful designer has their own unique story and discovered their own path to success, and these young, African jewelry designers are no different.  Semhal Zemikael and Natasha Faith who come from Ethiopian and Ugandan decent respectively have a lot of talent and just the right amount of luck in their design careers.  The brand is called “La Diosa” or “The Goddess” in Spanish and draws from a lot of Mexican inspiration since that is where they were both trained to make jewelry.  The duo got a real surge of star power when a member of the British monarchy was photographed with President Obama wearing a La Diosa necklace (talk about right place right time).  From there their success sky rocketed and has continued to do so for the past two years.  The design duo has won numerous awards for their hand-crafted jewels that boast dazzling semi-precious stones.  The pair has put out a statement about their line saying, “La Diosa jewelery evokes empowerment. Jewelery is not simply an accessory to be admired, but rather an extension of your personality.”

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Source: Haute Fashion Africa

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