A Voyage to Men’s Fashion | Discovery of Tilbury by African Fashion Designers 54 Kingdoms

54-Kingdoms-Tilbury african fashion ghana fashion house

54_Kingdoms_Street_Tilbury_Pants_stackedIn the deep sea of fashion a new frontier; a discovery of fashion meets history has completed its course. As we ‘settle’ on this topic, we must cross the ‘paths’ of  ‘natives in  this ‘territory’- 54 Kingdoms.com

These natives have ‘traded’ Khakis for  lemon yellow, grasshopper green, raspberry or even tangerine pants.  Available for ‘merchants’ we can now purchase men’s trousers/chinos in bold colors, from 54 Kingdoms first men’s product line, TILBURY.
Emerging   economic competition between giant retailers such as H&M, Banana Republic, Macys, Express, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and many more who are  seeking establishment of trade routes and colonies in Men’s fashion have us wondering  why we  should migrate to their website, and trade our dollars for 54 Kingdoms’ Tilbury collection.


Their newest Menswear collection Tilbury – “Threading History” is inspired by  the story of a major Caribbean migration to Britain from 1948 to 1955 – a voyage landing at Tilbury docks. Two elements incorporated in the Tilbury design makes it unique; on the outseams are different color thread stitchings (symbolizing the different journeys/paths we embark on in life) and the 54 Kingdoms logo embroidery close to the bottom of the pants – signifying that, although traveled, your Kingdom is anchored, and awaits your return.
Tilbury is available for purchase at 54kingdoms.com. When you receive your pants, check the front pockets for what the company deems as the final surprise! Whatever it is, we already know you can’t talk about 54 Kingdoms, without talking about detail.
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