Statement Necklaces that “Speak” Volumes

Season Smith-Wesley started out jewelry making as a hobby, and a stress reliever like many designers who are just starting out do.  She had been making jewelry by hand and giving it as gifts for some time and with the support of her family and friends to start selling it, she looked further into the business venture.  She took a jewelry making class at a local craft store on a whim one day and from that point on has been creating gorgeous beaded necklaces and bracelets that will have people asking where you got that amazing piece from.  She knew that being at her desk job didn’t let her true inner creativity and her interest in fashion shine, so AdAl Jewelry Designs was born.  A lot of colors are used in her designs and draws inspiration from her Liberian heritage.  She was always attracted to traditional African fabrics and textures, and her jewelry is her translation of these styles into wearable art.  Smith-Wesley has stated that she knows her designs aren’t for everyone, she says her best customers are ladies who “don’t like to play it safe,” she says. “They want to make a bold statement.”  Not only does she make beautiful fashion statements, but a portion of her proceeds go to the non-profit charity, Autism Speaks.  After her son was diagnosed with the disease, jewelry making became an outlet for her stress with dealing with the demands of the disorder, so this is her way to give back and help bring awareness to the cause.

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Source: Try Handmade

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