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Lustenau, Austria has been the lace capital of Austria for hundreds of years.  They are known worldwide for producing high quality textiles, and for creating one of their strongest business ties with companies in Nigeria.  In fact, Austrian lace exports have been shipped to Nigeria since the 1960’s.  “It has always been about a mutually beneficial relationship between Austria and Nigeria. This is about so much more than just selling our products to the market.” says Markus Riedmann, Chairman of the Austrian Embroidery Manufacturer’s Association.   Lace is often considered to be “old-fashioned” or something that your grandmother would wear, but the beautiful feminine patterns, and bright, flamboyant designs are something that attract fans of African fashion young and old.

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The Austrian-Nigerian lace partnership has now taken a step into the future and is claiming its spot on the fashion scene.  A project known as “Austrian Lace – Nigerian Fashion” that took place last October aims to celebrate the longstanding history of lace exports to Nigeria, while showing how lace can still be relevant and high-fashion.  Four designers were hand-picked to take part in the exhibition, one of which was Frank Osodi of House of Bunor, who also showcased at Africa Fashion Week New York 2010.  Osodi’s interpretation of Nigerian fashion with Austrian lace showed a sea of ballgowns, full skirts, and feminine ruffles cascading to the floor.  Each piece was unique, feminine, and a mix of modern and classic style that beautifully tied together two cultures that work together so harmoniously.

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Source: Style House Files

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