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TEGAA Ethical Luxury Jewelry & Accessories

Nay’s love for finding rare beauty started very early in life. Born in New York and raised in Gambia, Nay lived in 4 countries on 3 continents at a very young age due to being the daughter of a diplomat. This nomadic lifestyle developed her sense of finding the unique beauty that defined a culture wherever she was. Her wonder turned into creativity when she started sketching the memories of beautiful fashions she saw during her family’s travels, trying to take with her the memories of multiple cultures. Growing up in a culture where fashion designing wasn’t encouraged as a reliable career, sketching was just something she did when she was bored or had a memory she wanted to revisit, never did she think it could lead to a career. Nay pursued studies in Business Management and continued her innate quest for adventure by traveling to over 10 countries all the while still finding rare beauty in far reaches of the earth. Her eye for quality design and authentic craftmanship only developed through her adventures and she noticed the one thing that was never able to be duplicated was the beautiful style of her tiny country. She felt that the culture & traditions so intertwined in the beautiful designs was worth showing to the rest of the world and so, TEGAA was born. As the first person to ever bring artisanal Gambian products to the rest of the world, her challenges are big but her determination was bigger. Being someone who firmly believes that “we are one” and considers herself a citizen of the world, she believes that she can be the link that connects these beautiful goods ¬ which are more often than not a labor of love by these struggling artisans ¬ to the rest of the world. The pieces she designs are inspired by a fusion of the cultures she has encountered and her love for easy style for the worldly woman that make your life beautiful. An advocate for fair trade and sustainable fashion, she hopes to inspire a positive socio economic change in the lives of the Tegaa artisans and the country of Gambia as a whole by bringing you one¬-of-¬a-¬kind ethically sourced goods. Nay hopes that the beauty found in her homeland of Gambia permeates your life and fills it with beauty and easy luxury.


Nay Secka


September 1, 2016


Accessories, Fashion Designers

Adiree, Africa Fashion Online, Africa Luxury, African Fashion, Cameroon Fashion, Conscious Style, Eco, Ethical Fashion, New York Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week Africa, NYFW, Trunk Collectives