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Fashion Favorites from Fikirte Addis

Fikirte Addis is an Ethiopian fashion designer known for many things.  She is known for competing and winning her spot to showcase her fashion during AFWNY 2011, she is known for her light flowing designs and airy Ethiopian fabrics, and as of late she is known for her Eco-friendly/ethical fashion work dealing with natural dyes, indigenous knowledge, and recycling.  Straight form the designer’s own wardrobe, her favorite piece right now is the long flowing top (pictured above) with intricate striped design that just screams African heat.

While most of Fikirte’s designs would appear to fit only under the hot African sun, you still need to keep warm during the winter months, so her winter must-have style tip is a big layered scarf with vibrant patterns.  Take a tip from the designer herself to stay stylish and warm this winter while enjoying the one thing, besides fashion, that she cannot live without: music.

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