DIY Africa: How Facebook Can Help Your Career


The main reason social media marketing works so well is because it gives you the opportunity to interact with your fans. Here are some of the things I’ve learned about using Facebook to my advantage as an social media strategist.


Meet Facebook, one of your new best friends. You can easily post updates, keeping people informed about anything relevant to your subject. You can also share photos, videos, or other interesting and intriguing content that your fans may enjoy.  Your audience can easily post questions or comments on your profile page, which you can directly respond to, increasing their trust that your customer service is beyond accommodating.

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If your posts are engaging and entertaining, then people will naturally want to follow and eventually buy product. The more personal or relevant your post is, the more interest will be generated. And most importantly include photos, lots, and lots of photos! Many people on Facebook, and social media in general, love looking at images. You’ll be amazed how much more notice your posts will get if you include a visual element.

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You literally have a billion people at your fingertips with Facebook, so make sure everything you post is eye-catching.

Be creative!

Side Note: The app lets you combine your Twitter feed, as well as your YouTube videos, making it the easiest way for your fans to get what they need in one place.


Now! Go on… And start an African Fashion Revolution on Facebook! 😉


Africa Fashion Week

A social enterprise: a platform for trade, marketing and development of multicultural brands inspired by Africa through ethical practices and fashion. Made from the need to bridge the gap, connect continents, and provide a platform for international retailers and designers worldwide.

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