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Bolder, Brighter, and Better than Before: AFWNY 2012 Designers Plan to Make a Statement with Unique Patterns

Why dress yourself in last year’s fashions when this year’s trends are begging you to be bold!  Whether you’re walking the streets, reading a magazine, or watching TV, you’re bound to notice that wearing bold print is what’s hot in 2012

Mesmerizing florals, geometric shapes, daring dyes, and maybe even textured patterns are sure to be seen at the 2012 African Fashion Week shows, produced by Adiree, July12-14. Americans and Europeans aren’t the only ones taking part in this trend though, African designers are on board as well. Marianne G.G., Ani Siyah, and Gustavo Garcia are just a few of the many designers who will be featured at this years event. This season, bolder is better. Head to toe outfits or accent pieces, it seems as though designers and consumers alike are trying to outshine their competition with expressive patterns. 


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