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Luxury Africa Conference : A platform where layers of brands, press, and influencers
are unified by one discussion thread; Africa. The discussion will be outfitted by leaders promoting the full potential of Africa as a luxury market and highlighting means of elevating the continent as a premier destination for authentic and quality brands.

Sub-topics include: Africa as the "new luxury," tourism, sustainability, manufacturing, and retail market.


Our Speakers

Their work, in and around Africa, speaks for itself. And when each leader decides to speak, we listen and learn. Check out our speakers' profiles below.

Fanta Kamara
Maryanne Mathias
Korto Momolu


"What Will It Take for Africa to Be The Premier Destination for Luxury"

We will discuss elevating Africa Globally As A Luxury Market Through :

1. Retail
2. Lifestyle Brands
3. Tourism
4. Media
5. Fashion & Beauty
6. Social Enterprises






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Event Features

Luxury Africa Conference features the following:

2 Unique Talks

Our conference will feature 2 unique conversations. The first, about elevating Africa as a luxury market (Luxury Africa Conference), and the second; elevating Africa as an  ethical and sustainable leader (Ethical Business Forum).

6 Leading Speakers

A selection of 6  industry leaders and professionals are curated to share personal narratives, knowledge, expertise, and opportunities on the topic of Luxury Markets and Ethical Business in/or concerning Africa.

1 Powerful Location

 Our conference takes place at the Broad Street Ballroom, located in the Financial District. The Financial District is the most appropriate backdrop for our discussion on Africa as an emerging market for luxury (for both production and consumption).  The Financial District of New York City (FiDi), is a neighborhood on the southernmost section of the borough of Manhattan which comprises the offices and headquarters of many of the city’s major financial institutions, including the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. 



Here are the reasons why we are hosting the Luxury Africa Conference and facts that will shape our conversation about Africa's Luxury Market.

Brands & Companies

You are a brand or company looking to connect to an audience who cares about Africa as a destination for luxury services and products. 


You are an entrepreneur (US or Africa based SME) looking to retail, distribute, and/or manufacture your luxury product in Africa.

Publicists & Brand Managers

You are a publicist, brand or marketing manager interested in managing global brands and sourcing new clients.


 You are an investor interested in discovering new investment opportunities.


You are a student looking for the inside scoop on what you need to launch your career in luxury marketing, public relations, branding, in or surrounding Africa?  


382 million: the size of Africa’s workforce


 $1.7 trillion: Africa’s collective GDP in 2012, roughly equal to Brazil’s or Russia’s.


Fashion is the category Africans consume the most, both locally and internationally. For example, Nigeria represents Selfridge’s fifth biggest consumer segment by geography.


You are an investor interested in discovering new investment opportunities.


Wine and Spirits

  According to Euromonitor International, between 2006 and 2011, Nigeria was the second fastest growing champagne market in the world by volume. In 2011, Nigerians drank 752,879 bottles of champagne, which is more than Russia or Mexico consumed. South Africa’s global wine exports grew by nearly 40% between 2006 and 2012. Over the same period Kenya became its largest African importer of wine buying 6.1m bottles in 2012.

Africa's Luxury Consumers

One of the luxury consumer segments in Africa are Aspirators . They are part of the emerging middle class who simply buy luxury goods to show off an acquired affluence. If their peers don’t recognize the value of their possessions, their money has been wasted.

Luxury Firm Entering Into Africa

Luxury firms from a number of sectors are making inroads in Africa. In the fashion stakes, Italian menswear company Ermenegildo Zegna opened a store in Lagos . The label is considering opening stores in Mozambique and Angola too. Meanwhile, Hugo Boss opened a new flagship store in the recently developed Palms Mall in Nigeria . High-end make-up brand MAC, which has a reputation for entering emerging markets, entered into Nigeria.

Luxury Company Investments In Africa

International luxury companies have been slow to invest in Africa in comparison to China and the Middle East. In contrast to other emerging markets, Africa’s luxury industry can be classified as a moderate to high-end market, with a rising demand in both international and domestic luxury products.


According to Euromonitor International, the perfume sector in Africa is growing at a rate of 25% and is projected to reach $100 million in distributor sales in the next 7-10 years. In 2011, South Africa’s total premium cosmetics market was valued at $773 million.

E-commerce & Social Media

The growth in multiple retail channels, including e-commerce and social media, are leveling the playing field in the luxury goods space. Consumers are now able to shop on their terms globally, providing an opportunity for global “African” luxury goods.  



We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.






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Luxury Africa Conference : Elevating Africa as a luxury market through sustainability, media, tourism, retail, culture , and more.